#CPDSeptember – Deer Management

Deer Management

Hosted by: Dr Robin Gill & Chloe Bellamy from Forest Research & Rebecca Spake from the University of Southampton

About the Speakers

Dr Robin Gill

Robin has been a Wildlife Ecologist with Forest Research since 1989.

Rebecca Spake

Rebecca is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Biogeography at the University of Southampton’s School of Geography and Environmental Sciences.

Chloe Bellamy

Chloe is a Spatial Scientist in the Land Use and Ecosystem Services Science Group at Forest Research.

Session Outline

Join us for this #TechnicalTuesday session hosted by Forest Research on the management of deer. Robin will begin the session by introducing the damage and impact caused by deer, covering the subsequent consequences for tree regeneration and growth and timber quality. Chloe and Rebecca will then present a recent case study on the drivers affecting deer damage, highlighting the use of the National Forest Inventory Field survey data, the monitoring of Woodland Ecological Condition (focussing on deer damage), study methods and findings and the webtool development for translating the study’s findings.

The second half of the session will focus on deer management. Highlighting the implementation of tree protection fencing and guards, the monitoring of deer populations and the damage caused, Robin will close the session by stressing the need for collaboration through deer management groups.

Who Should Attend

This #TechnicalTuesday session has been designed for foresters, land owners and woodland managers, particularly those involved in forest planning, new planting, woodland regeneration or deer management.

Taking place on Zoom, the presentation will be around 50 minutes and will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

This #TechnicalTuesday is part of the Institute’s #CPDSeptember and will take place on Tuesday 22 September at 2pm.

Bookings are now open.