2018 ICF South East England Enabling Tree & Woodland Resilience in the South East

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Our Winter event and AGM will provide members with an overview on improving tree and forestry resilience against pest and pathogens attacks, including managing and adapting to oak processionary moth and ash dieback, as well as contingency planning for forestry and the biosecurity measures available to maintain healthy trees and woodlands.

Looking at the guidelines in UK Forestry Standard, Rob Gazzard MICFor will outline the contingency planning work undertaken by Forest Services and highlight the role woodland owners play in responding and recovering to catastrophic windblow, major wildfires, and tree health incidents.

In her presentation, Dr Joan Webber OBE defines what resilience can mean in a tree and forestry context, and how we can go about improving resilience against pest and pathogens attacks. There is no simple solution, but sourcing plants wisely, understanding how pests and pathogen can interact together, and making sure we have the right tree in the right place, all play their part in creating resilience in our tree stock.

The Forestry Commission (FC) work closely with other landowners and stakeholders to tackle the spread of oak processionary moth (OPM), which presents a risk to both the health of oak trees and humans. Millie Toft will share the FC’s approach to managing and adapting to OPM.

Ash trees are widespread across our landscape and a common feature of many of our highways. In light of ash dieback, which will lead to the decline and death of the majority of ash trees in Britain, a shift in priorities to their management is required. Jon Stokes of The Tree Council will provide an overview of some of his latest work which aims to assist local authorities and other regional bodies as they work to proactively manage the impacts of the disease.

There are various measures landowners, managers and agents can take in order to protect the trees under their care from harmful pests and pathogens. Becki Gawthorpe will explore measures available to safeguard the investment of time and money and to maintain healthy trees and woodlands.

Tea + coffee and buffet lunch to be provided in the Hall. A vegetarian option is available but please let us know if you have any other special dietary requirements.

The day will conclude with the SEE Regional Group AGM which all members are asked to attend.

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December 10, 2018
09:30 - 15:00

Alice Holt Lodge ,
Farnham ,
Surrey GU10 4LH

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