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Dr Ken James – Could ICF Workshop Reveal the Real Answer ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’?

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The ICF is delighted to announce that world-renowned expert on tree structures and biomechanics, Dr Ken James, has accepted an invitation to come to the UK to share his pioneering research on dynamic structural analysis of wind loading on trees at a series of workshops in April: 

Could ICF Workshop Reveal the Real Answer ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’?

ken2011 web

In an innovative move, those delegates attending the events will see Ken’s research in action with real-time examples from equipment set up to monitor readings on a tree at each venue for four weeks prior to the workshops.

ICF Fellow Dr Dealga O’Callaghan, a Chartered arboriculturalist who runs his own tree consultancy business, was instrumental in persuading this well-respected scientist to present his findings at the workshops. Dealga commented:

“It is a major coup to get Ken James to the UK. A number of organisations have tried previously but the ICF has finally managed it.  Ken’s work is truly groundbreaking and the most significant advance in tree biomechanics for many years, the implications of which will influence the way we assess trees from this point on.  Ken’s work is well known in Australia, New Zealand, parts of mainland Europe and North America; this is the first time it has become available to us in the UK.  It’s taken quite a while to arrange these workshops for the tree industry in Britain, and now we have four events taking place across the country.  This is a rare opportunity not to be missed.”

Due to the practical nature of the workshops, places at each are restricted and early booking is advisable. Visit to reserve your place to hear Ken James expound on his innovative research, and to discover the answers that may, quite literally, be blowing in the wind.



Dr Ken James – Dynamic Structural Analysis of Trees Subject to Wind Loading and the Biomechanical Implications

Liverpool, 8 April, Derby Arboretum, 10 April, Ely, Cambs, 12 April, Kew, London, 15 April

Working with ICF Fellow Dealga O’Callaghan, the ICF is not only offering an unrivalled opportunity to hear world-renowned expert on tree structures and biomechanics, Dr Ken James, share his latest research but participants can see this ground-breaking work put it into practice with data recorded and collected in the presence of delegates from a tree at each of the workshop locations.
Ken currently works with ENSPEC in Australia, but was previously with The University of Melbourne for 20 years. This latest research on the dynamic load forces applied to root plates on trees up to 45 meters in height provides a new understanding of the acceptable natural tolerance range of root plate movement in high wind weather events. The workshop will demonstrate the instruments and utilise data recorded from a tree at each venue for three weeks prior to the workshop taking place.

Delegates will learn about structural analysis of wind movement in open grown urban trees, the role of branches and branch structure in modifying a tree’s dynamic responses in wind, new ways and new instruments to measure the tilt of structural root zone under static and wind load loading, how trees really withstand winds and the implications of tree management practices on the stability of trees in winds.

Cost £98 including materials and refreshments. 30 delegate places per workshop – early booking advisable.

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