Consultation Opens on UKWAS 5 Draft

A consultation has been opened and we encourage members to comment on an Initial Revision Draft of UKWAS 5. The consultation draft has been prepared by a chamber-balanced working group reflecting economic, environmental and social interests taking full account of stakeholder input.

Peter Wilson FICFor, Chair of the UKWAS working group, said:

“This Consultation Draft is just that: it presents the working group’s initial ideas on how to improve the standard. The revision working group now welcomes further comments from stakeholders and standard-users on all aspects of the draft standard”.

Please read through the draft and submit your comments by 30 April. A further draft will then be prepared taking the feedback into account and a second revision draft will be released for a further round of consultation beginning in October.

The new fifth edition of the UKWAS standard is expected to be effective from April 2023.

To read the full documentation, visit this page.

Comments should be submitted by email to by Friday 30 April.

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