Consultation launched on the England Tree Strategy

Defra has launched a consultation on the new England Tree Strategy which calls on the views and knowledge of (in particular) foresters and land managers. This strategy has been a long time coming and it is a huge opportunity to shape the future of England’s treescapes.

What can you do?

  • Respond to our survey to tell us what you think the strategy should deliver
  • Respond to Defra directly here
  • Book onto one of our workshops and be part of the conversation.

Starter for 10

We know we need a truly ambitious new approach to combat the climate crisis and the nature crisis together.

The right tree in the right place should be a truism. But what is really crucial – and no tree strategy or planting agenda or land management scheme will work without this – is that we have the right people in the sector, with the right skills, working to the right standards.

We need to ask who the professionals are that will be advising on this new dawn of tree planting, and where the skilled workforce is going to come from to plant and manage, so that trees can deliver all the public goods and ecosystem services we need from them.

Our response to the England Tree Strategy will raise these questions and many more – about how to innovate but also learn from the experts and how to remove the barriers to woodland creation and management. We’re calling on your input to help us answer them.

Help shape the Institute’s response

The Institute is uniquely placed to formulate a response on behalf of the tree professions and we want to hear from you. Our membership covers a huge breadth of professional settings and represents expertise from across forestry and arboriculture.

We have created a survey to members to hear your views and raise some of the opportunities and risks for a tree strategy. It will cover the following areas and we ask members to feed in wherever their interest lies:

  • Woodland creation and expansion
  • Woodland management
  • Trees outside woodland
  • Trees in urban areas
  • Tree and woodland protection
  • Biosecurity and climate change
  • Pest control
  • Improving biodiversity
  • Engaging the public and communities
  • Engaging other land use sectors
  • Timber use and supply chain
  • Nursery sector
  • Skills and workforce

We are also holding two online workshops where we will discuss in more depth and shape the Institute’s response to the consultation. Sign up to one on Tuesday 30 July or Tuesday 4th August and be part of the conversation.

Finally, we urge all members to respond directly to the Defra consultation before it closes on Friday 11 September. They are actively seeking direction and ideas, with plans to publish the strategy later in the year, and every response counts.

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