Kenyon Sheppard MICFor

Areas covered: arboriculture and urban tree management; woodland management where the production of timber is a secondary consideration; expert witness testimony for planning inquiries, appeals and litigation; tree surveys; inspections and assessments for inventory; health; safety hazard evaluation; development and planning purposes; advice and supporting documentation for planning applications, inquiries and appeals; advice on statute and common law as it relates to trees; planting and landscape schemes development and assessment; tree work contract specifications, management and monitoring; subsidence litigation case assessments; Local Authority support; accident investigation; non-timber valuation of Amenity trees; Tree Preservation Order assessments, applications and appeals.

Contact Details

Company Tree Maintenance Ltd
Position Senior Arboricultural Consultant
Address Mr K Sheppard

Unit 60
Aston Down
Telephone 01285 760466
Mobile 07817 262569