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Geosynthetics Limited is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  Woolton Fields Development, Liverpool Introduction In 2017 Redrow Homes and Liverpool City Council embarked on the redevelopment of the Old Lower Lee School site on Beaconsfiled Rd, Woolton, Liverpool. The site contained numerous high-value trees which would be retained and incorporated into the […]

Managing tree data nationally

Tamworth castle

Bluesky is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  The Bluesky National Tree Map (NTM) identifies the location of more than 280 million trees nationwide, detailing their height and canopy cover. The data was created using innovative algorithms and image processing techniques in combination with the most up-to-date and detailed aerial photography and […]

What’s in a nursery?

Wyevale Nurseries Ltd is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  Well, plants of course. And from a Tree Officer`s point of view; Trees!  – But is that true? A nursery these days can be just a shopfront, tree supplies like any commodity can be traded and rattle in from anywhere, the cheapest supplier […]

Showing the way to tread the inventory path


KaarbonTech is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  KaarbonTech supply asset management solutions and surveying services to the local authority market. In fact, KaarbonTech systems manage approximately 33% of the local authority highway network for one or more asset. We are predominately involved in drainage, tree and grit bins and provide surveying […]

Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities!

Sorbus International is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  Trade conferences and exhibitions have always been a key part of the business year for Sorbus. Not only do we get the pleasure of meeting existing and new customers – and despite the revolutions in IT and social media there is still no […]

Promoting preparation: Tree health & biosecurity plans

Forestry Commission is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  If a notifiable pest or disease were to be found affecting a tree, woodland, or forest under your management, what would be your response? Would you: Take early retirement? Ask yourself where you are going to find the additional time and funding to […]

Booking opens for the UK’s only dedicated Tree Officer Conference

The acclaimed National Tree Officers Conference will return to Telford, 6 November 2018. Last years’ outstanding event hosted more than 230 delegates from local authorities and private practice around the UK, who travelled to Telford last November. This is the only major conference dedicated to the needs of Tree Officers. More than 93% of last […]

A green future with CityTree?

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As a Tree Officer I spend a great deal of time advocating for urban trees and it is hard for me to hear that there is a new green product which claims to improve air quality more efficiently and cost effectively than trees. But Green City Solutions has done this with its new mossy installation […]

Are all urban forests equally beneficial?

What is an ‘urban forest’? ‘Urban forest’ is a term that is being increasingly used by those engaged in thinking about (and even delivering) resilient cities. But what does it actually mean? There are various published definitions but for our purposes here we adopt a definition that we and our colleagues proposed last year: ‘The […]