ICF Awards UK’s Emerging Forestry and Arboricultural Talent

The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) has honoured a number of outstanding students with awards during June and July. The students have completed an ICF accredited course at one of the UK’s colleges and universities that teach forestry and arboriculture. This award builds valuable connections between the profession and the UK’s ever growing forestry and […]

Institute breaks Membership Applications and Awards of Excellence records

2017 saw another record number of applicants promoted to Professional Member status. The Institute awarded the prestigious chartered status to 43 applicants this year. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) demonstrated an exceptional professional standard this year as six members’ of their team have been awarded charter status, with four outstanding applicants who were awarded Awards for Excellence. […]

The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award 2018 Opens for Applications

A prestigious international forestry exchange programme, endorsed by HRH The Prince of Wales, has opened for applications. The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award offers a bursary and Canadian work placement opportunity to two UK recipients and two Canadian recipients. Now in its fourth year, the Award is a partnership initiative between The Prince of […]

ESC/ESC-DSS Tutorials

You will find videos about the challenges of achieving species diversity, in particular training needs for site assessment and knowledge of novel species on Forest Research’s Vimeo channel. There are three videos on the principles of site assessment and species selection, and three tutorials on using Ecological Site Classification Decision Support system (ESC-DSS). You can find […]

ICF Student Awards Showcases Rising Stars in the Sector

The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) has delivered a number of distinguished student awards over the summer months, building valuable connections between the industry and the UK’s rising forestry and arboricultural talent. The 2017 ICF Student Awards were presented at graduations across the UK during June and July, by ICF representatives, recognising academic achievement in […]

Amanda Bryan MICFor visits Ukraine

Professional Member Amanda Bryan MICFor visited Ukraine at the end of January 2017. As Programme Leader for the new Honours Degree in Forest Management at the Scottish School of Forestry (SSF), Inverness College UHI, I was invited by Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis from Napier University to join the fact finding British Council funded visit to Ukraine […]

What makes a Professional?

We find ourselves in a dynamic time for forestry. The sector is burgeoning, which brings a heightened public profile and places forestry professionals well and truly in the spotlight, including their behaviour and attitude. So what makes a professional? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a professional as: professional (noun) 1. a person engaged or qualified […]

2016: A Year in Forestry and Arboriculture

Throughout 2016 the ICF blog has showcased member opinions on the maelstrom of political and other changes and what they have meant for forestry and arboriculture. As the year draws to a close, ICF Executive Director Shireen Chambers FICFor looks back on the most important events and their impact on the sector.  The winter of […]

The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award 2017 Opens for Applications

A prestigious international forestry exchange programme, endorsed by HRH The Prince of Wales, has opened for applications. The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award offers a CAD$12,000 bursary and Canadian work placement opportunity to two UK recipients. Award winners, chosen from student and graduate applicants in the partner countries, gain valuable professional experience through an […]

ICF Recruits Future Foresters in Less Than 60 Seconds

A new video produced by the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) and sponsored by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) is showing young people the diversity of roles in the forestry sector and challenging stereotypes – all in less than a minute. Forestry Careers in 60 Seconds showcases the numerous career paths that the sector has to […]

Growing Talent

“Membership of the Institute of Chartered Foresters has helped me make invaluable contacts in the forestry industry, giving brilliant advice and hands-on experience.” Andrew Fisher, Assistant Forest Manager, Tilhill Forestry I graduated from Harper Adams University in summer 2013 with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Countryside and Environmental Management and started with Tilhill […]

Growing Influence

“Membership of the Institute of Chartered Foresters has given me a range of opportunities to not only develop my own knowledge, but also grow my influence in the sector and shape the direction of future research.”  Dr Helen McKay MICFor, Forest Research Research has dominated my professional life – from measuring roots and pollen grains […]

Growing Careers

  “The credibility of chartered status has brought new opportunities to move up the professional ladder.” Kate Hawley MICFor, National Team Manager – Incentives, Forestry Commission When I first told my image-conscious, bad weather-averse university housemates that I was going to work for the Forestry Commission, I didn’t get the best reaction. “Do you mean, like, […]

Growing Credibility

“As a Chartered Member of the Institute, bound by a strict code of ethics, my clients and contacts know they’re dealing with a trusted professional.”  Neil Stoddart MICFor, Natural Resources Wales As a Regional Land Manager at Natural Resources Wales, the new single environmental sponsored body to the Welsh Government since 2012, I am responsible […]

Growing Business

“I feel privileged to be able to continue to grow the company and meet the expectations that my clients have when they see Chartered Arboriculturist after my name.” Adam Winson MICFor, Owner & Principal Consultant, AWA Trees My role as a tree consultant is to provide professional advice on managing trees in the built environment, […]

Grow with ICF

Read their stories >> Grow Your Career with ICF The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) is the only body to award the Chartered Forester and Chartered Arboriculturist statuses. Our commitment to excellence in forestry and arboriculture is reflected in our support for members, services to the public and advice to professionals in other sectors. As […]