Senior Entry

Senior Professionals Entry Route

You may be a senior practitioner in forestry or arboriculture who, for various reasons, has not previously sought chartered membership. Assessed Professional Competence (APC) is a route to Chartered status specifically aimed at senior professionals in this position.

APC requires the demonstration of relevant experience over a minimum of 15 years, five of which must be at a senior level. There can be no precise definition of what makes someone a ‘senior’ professional. The APC route was designed to offer a way into membership for highly respected practitioners with influence in our industry; and, although you must have a minimum of 15 years experience to qualify for entry via this route, experience alone does not necessarily make you senior.

Please read the APC Guidance for more information. If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to apply for membership please download an ICF Assessed Professional Competence Application Form.

If you would like to discuss APC in confidence, please email the Executive Director or telephone 0131 240 1425.

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