Case study: Amelia Williams MICFor

The Institute’s Marketing Manager, Hester McQueen, interviewed Amelia Williams MICFor for 2019 International Women’s Day to highlight women excelling in our profession. Help us encourage people to join our profession and make it more diverse by joining the #ILookLikeAForester campaign. Find out how you can get involved >>

Amelia Williams MICFor, Arboricultural Officer, Test Valley Borough Council

What do you love most about your job?

I love the trees and the diversity of my role around holistic tree management.

Why choose arboriculture?

Arboriculture chose me. While working for Test Valley Borough Council, it was clear I was more of an outdoors person. I was signposted towards the tree officer role, which prompted me to find out more. I have found it to be a fulfilling career and it helps me share my passion for trees.

What can professional organisations like the ICF do to attract a more diverse workforce?

Organisations like ICF need to ensure they continue to raise their profile across the industry sector and within other industry sectors, engage with all age ranges, and make younger age groups more aware about what roles are available and how they can get into forestry or arboriculture. It’s important to demonstrate that this profession presents an opportunity and many of the skills needed can be transferable from other industries.

How can we support women in arboriculture and forestry?

Everyone should be supported – women are no different. I’ve not experienced any barriers in my career. Networking is a very powerful and important skill, and organisations like the ICF help you build a network of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can support you in your career.


Women across the profession will be posting images on social media of themselves on International Women’s Day to illustrate their work and the inspiring role they play. Follow the conversation #ILookLikeAForester