Dr Tatiana Stankova Awarded 2020 Silvicultural Prize

The Percy Stubbs and John Bolton King and Edward Garfitt Prize for Silviculture (Silvicultural Prize) is awarded annually for work advancing the sector’s knowledge of silviculture published in the Institute’s prestigious journal Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research.

We are delighted to award Dr Tatiana Stankova, Associate Professor (Department of Forest Genetics, Physiology and Plantations) at the Forest Research Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the 2020 Silvicultural Prize in recognition of her paper: Effect of spacing, parental genotype and harvesting cycle on biomass production in two half-sib progenies of Robinia pseudoacacia L. published in Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research, Volume 93, Issue 4.

On receiving the prize, Dr Stankova said:

“On behalf of the entire team who developed the study and authored the award-winning article, I wish to express our gratitude for the honour to receive the 2020 Percy Stubbs and John Bolton King and Edward Garfitt Prize for Silviculture. We are happy to know that the product of our efforts and enthusiasm has been internationally recognised and our results were rated so high. We hope that the prestigious Silvicultural Prize will help us to revive the interest to black locust and the outcomes of the black locust breeding program in our country.”

Dr Gary Kerr, Editor-in-Chief of Forestry, said:

“This paper is an excellent example of how a small experiment can, when the results are well analysed, make a significant contribution to sustainable forest management. Specifically in this study, how the variables of spacing, genotype and harvesting cycle can affect the production of woody biomass of Robinia pseudoacacia.”

Institute members can read the 2020 Silvicultural Prize-winning paper in full on the Forestry website.

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