Call for Questionnaire Participants: Continuous Cover Forestry Transformation

Do you have experience and knowledge in the area of irregular forestry? If you do, please fill in this questionnaire from Aberystwyth University. It’s researching the process of transforming even-aged forests to irregular high forest (managed through single tree selection), which is a form of continuous cover forestry.

What is the aim of the questionnaire?

This research aims to integrate drone acquired forest metrics with your experience and knowledge to establish if transformation stages can be accurately characterised using drone imagery, hopefully providing an efficient means of monitoring transformation.

How can you help?

Aberystwyth University needs your help to establish a drone derived transformation monitoring system by asking you to look at 13 example stands and make a judgement as to their transformation stage. It won’t take longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

If you wish to receive a break down as to how you classified the forest models you will be asked to provide your email address.

About the questionnaire

Your answers will be completely confidential and you can withdraw from the questionnaire at any point. By completing and submitting the survey, you are indicating your consent to participate in the study.

Your email address will be held securely, with the sole purpose of being used to inform you of the results of the study and will be erased by 27th April 2020.  If at a later date you wish to erase your email address from the study, please contact Guy Bennett at

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