Help the Institute create new Higher Level Apprenticeships in England

The arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape apprenticeship partnership is developing a proposal for further apprenticeships in our industries. A survey has been undertaken to identify the need for more advanced roles than the four already developed for operatives and supervisors. The Institute has already hosted two meetings with the industry and draft occupational duties are being developed. For more details about these see:

This work has highlighted that the picture is complex with three industries involved and private, charitable, public sector employers. Therefore an analysis of job roles is underway.

The roles being investigated are all management roles at different levels of seniority. If you employ any of these roles – or something fairly equivalent – and feel they are suitable for an apprenticeship, we would be very grateful if you could send in your job descriptions for analysis alongside how many apprentices you might take on for each role.  The deadline is 5 April 2019.

  • Arboriculture / woodland technician including tree officer, woodland officer, assistant tree officer, junior arboriculture consultant, assistant site manager, arboriculturalist
  • Arboriculture / forest / woodland manager including tree officer, woodland officer, forester, district forester, forestry works manager, technical forest manager, senior arboriculture consultant, senior arboricultural officer, arboricultural contracts manager, arboricultural area manager, forestry area manager.
  • Horticulture manager, including job titles such as head gardener, garden manager, consultant, site manager, horticultural project manager, technical manager, and technical support manager.

Your help is much appreciated with this, please send your job descriptions to

Thérèse Anne Coffey MP

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