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Share your knowledge and experience with other professional tree officers in the UK, this is your opportunity to help bring excellence to the industry by presenting at the next National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).

With the last National Tree Officers Conference the most successful yet, we want to try and build on the quality and variety of presenters for 2018. Most of the presenters at NTOC 2017 had never delivered a presentation to an audience of more than 230 people before but they all did a fantastic job. Admittedly, some were nervous behind the scenes, prior to taking to the stage but every one of the Tree Officers that presented gave a confident and eloquent delivery.

2017 National Tree Officers Conference

Every delegate from a local authority has the potential to be part of the conference and present to your peers. The key is choosing a subject to present that holds personal interest or significance to you. This could be a project that you were involved with or led on that you are proud of; some scientific research; or just a process / procedure that has resulted in efficiencies for you and your team.

Tree Officer Conference

Thomas Campbell presenting at 2017 NTOC

Don’t just take my word for it, click on the links below from some of the presenters from 2017 and some other case studies from presenters at the 2016 conference, to find out what made them decide to present; how they prepared; and what they gained from the experience.

2017 Case Studies

2016 Case Studies

We are now looking for local authority officers that would be interested in presenting at the conference in 2018. From the feedback received in 2017 delegates advised that some topics that they would like to hear about in 2018 are Planting & species selection; Pests & Diseases; Highways engineer engagement; Contracts; Green Infrastructure; Planning conditions; and Ecosystem services. This is an indicative list and if you have another topic that you think would be of interest, feel free to let us know. If you are interested then please get in touch via e-mail outlining what your subject would be, a couple of sentences outlining what you would cover and the rough length of time you would need to present. We don’t need a long abstract or the actual presentation at this early stage.

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If you’d like to discuss anything over the phone initially then please call Andy Lederer on 0117 916 6427 for an informal chat.

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