Join FISA in the push for improved forestry safety

Early in 2012, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) called a safety summit, bringing together stakeholders from across the industry.

In the five years up to March 2012, there was an average of 10.4 forestry fatalities per 100,000 workers. This is more than three times the fatality rate for the construction industry.

Back in 2012, the message was clear, things needed to change.

Everyone involved in forestry must work together in a coordinated and managed way to reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents.

FISA membership has grown steadily to over 900 members. In the initial years the industry has begun to recognise FISA and what FISA stands for. For the next three years FISA will focus on a list of objectives laid out in the strategic plan.

FISA through strong and committed leadership will focus on:THE FOREST INDUSTRY SAFETY ACCORD

  • The creation of a dedicated Safety Group to provide necessary strategic direction and impetus to raise health, safety and welfare standards throughout the industry
  • Providing clear and proactive leadership to change attitudes and behaviour at every level in the industry
  • Involving everybody working in the industry to ensure individual and collective responsibility for health and safety, avoiding unacceptable risks and challenging unsafe practices
  • Developing a mechanism for the industry to share safety statistics, data and information
  • Maintaining and improving through training and competency of those working in the industry at every level
  • Recognising that improvements to the industry’s health and safety performance requires sustained commitment and action – being equitable and fair to all those involved

FISA have already had excellent support from a wide range of forestry businesses who have signed up to the Accord and are giving it their full backing. FISA want everyone from across the timber supply chain – including public and private organisations, charities, contractors and equipment manufacturers – to join FISA by signing the Accord.

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