EAB in Ottawa: Your Questions Answered

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EAB in Ottawa: Your Questions Answered Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award Winner Nicholas Hill recently wrote about his experiences with Emerald Ash Borer while on placement in Ottawa. Now his interview with Jason Pollard, Forester and Section Manager with the City of Ottawa Forest Service, anwsers questions posed by readers. Further Reading www.eomf.on.ca/index.php?option=com_ttvideo&view=videolist&id=0&Itemid=497 treecanada.ca/en/resources/tree-killers/insects/emerald-ash-borer/ […]

Promoting Forestry Beyond Chainsaws

After being discouraged from studying forestry at school, Bangor Student Samantha Howard discovered a sector with a wide breadth of career choices and possibilities. Now Samantha is trying to spread the word to other young people with her Making Future Foresters Facebook project. “So you cut down trees?” A familiar question for many foresters. The forestry […]