British Woodlands Survey 2015


In response to the threats to forestry and woodlands set out in the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessment a group of leading forestry sector organisations have initiated a call to action for the sector to provide a secure future for our forests, woods and trees. 

A national survey launched this summer is aiming is to help understand progress in awareness and actions in adapting to environmental change among woodland owners and managers (including agents), tree nursery businesses, and forestry professionals. The Institute urges all its members to take part.

Take the Survey

Take the survey and read more about the resilience activities at

The information gathered will be used by organisations, policy makers and researchers to help improve the resilience of the nation’s forests. The results will inform the government’s National Adaptation Programme. The survey remains open until early September. Early results will be presented at the RFS & Woodland Trust joint conference on Resilience on 1st October. A full report will be published and made freely available.

Resilience Accord

An Accord has been drafted with very broad agreement from across the tree and forestry sector, including the Institute. It is a call for action to be taken to ensure our trees, woods and forests are more resilient.

Adaptation in Action statements

Organisations with an interest in trees, forestry and landowners have also produced ‘Adaptation in Action’ statements, to explain their individual views on issues raised in the Accord, and the actions they are taking to improve resilience.

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