England’s Grey Squirrel Policy Updated


Image courtesy of James Barker

Following a request from the English Government, Forestry Commission England have reviewed and updated the grey squirrel policy. The new action plan will see the implementation of the following additional measures:

  • Forestry options of Countryside Stewardship to have additional measure for grey squirrel control (not just in red squirrel areas but in woodlands where squirrels are a threat to management plan objectives).
  • A national squirrel partnership to help local groups outside of grant schemes.
  • Support for research and evidence (e.g. squirrel pox vaccine and fertility control work).
  • Action on land holding (public forest estate).

Download a copy of the action plan below:

Grey Squirrels and England’s Woodlands – Policy and Action Plan >>

The updates come following a consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. To read the consultation response report, click here. Workshops to introduce the new policy are planned by FCE in early 2015.

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