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Below is a range of resources from the 2014 Trees, People and the Built Environment II (TPBEII) conference.




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Individual Papers


Baerlocher, B – Swiss Urban Neighbourhood Woods: A paradigm of change in Urban Woodland Managment

Barton, P – Tree Management and Social Housing in England

Beatley, T – Cities and Nature: the Global Shift Towards Biophilic Cities (part 1)

Beatley, T – Cities and Nature: the Global Shift Towards Biophilic Cities (part 2)

Beatley, T – Cities and Nature: the Global Shift Towards Biophilic Cities (part 3)

Doick, K – Keeping London a Cool Place to Be: The role of greenspace

Duinker, P – Governance and Urban Forests in Canada: Roles of non-government organisations

Ennos, R – How Useful are Urban Trees: The Lessons from the Manchester Research Project

Ferreira, LS – Vegetation Management in Sao Paulo: Clearing of urban vegetation & environmental compensation

Grayson, N – Birmingham: The UKs First Biophilic City

Hale, J and Hunt, D – Future Proofing the Benefits of Urban Planting

Hosek, L – Urban Forestry in Africa: Insights from a systematic literature review

Hockridge, B – Enhancing the Climate Change Benefits of Urban Trees in Cambridge

Jaluzot, A – Researching the issues to deliver multiple benefits: developing Trees in Hard Landscapes, a Guide for Delivery

Lawrence, A – Local Authorities in Scotland: A catalyst for community engagement in urban forests

Letherland, J – The Urban Forest: Integrating Approaches (part 1)

Letherland, J – The Urban Forest: Integrating Approaches (part 2)

McPherson, G – Million Trees Los Angeles: Evaluating success and failure of the initiative during the early years

Pryor, M – Extreme Arboriculture: Lessons from moving big trees

Rogers, K – Determining Tree Growth in the Urban Forest

Rumble, H – A Comparison of Urban Tree Population Compositions within Four UK Towns and Cities

Shimada, LD – Planting Post-Conflict Landscapes: Urban trees in peacebuilding and reconstruction

Tavares, R – Development and Integration of Vegetated Urban Canopy Model in a Meteorological Model

Watson, G – An iTree ECO Analysis of the Chicago Regional Urban Forest: Implications for the future

Wizaka, W – Architecture, Trees and Belief: Searching for a new strategy design for the future

Wolf, K – Invest from the Ground Up! Economics of trees and retail environments


This 8 minute video from HRH The Prince of Wales outlines the benefits of urban greening and the need for better collaboration by all the relevant professionals who manage, plan and design our urban forests.


TPBEII Coverage

Biophilia, Economics and Urban Collaboration at TPBE II (ICF)

Birmingham joins San Fransico and Oslo in global green cities club (The Guardian)

Support message from Prince Charles urges tree professionals to collaborate (Horticulture Week)

iTree can flag up problems in urban trees population, event hears (Horticulture Week)

Trees, People and Buildings (RICS)

The critical role of trees in cities is too often forgotten (Architects Journal) 

Birmingham to become a biophilic city (Landscape Institute)

Birmingham and the joy of ‘biophilia’ (Estates Gazette)


Images from the 2-day event are available to view in the ICF image gallery, by clicking on the link below.

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LinkedIn Discussion

The Trees, People and the Built Environment II Discussion Forum on LinkedIn has over 1,200 members. Join now and connect with delegates and gain insights into the topics under discussion.


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