Forestry Forum Update

Forestry Forum Update

The Forestry Forum Meeting took place today at Defra’s offices in London, to hear the Government’s progress in implementing the Independent Panel on Forestry’s recommendations.

Collaborative Efforts for Better Woodland Mangement

Dan Rogerson MP, recently appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for water, forestry, rural affairs and resource management, spoke at the meeting. He acknowledged that there was work still to do, but praised ICF’s recent collaborative efforts with Forestry Commission England (FCE), in providing workshops to increase understanding of the new FCE Woodland Management Templates and encourage more woodland owners into UKFS compliance.

In response to a question on the new Public Forest Estate body, he said; “We want the public to understand that the sound of a chainsaw is not a scary thing.”

Welcome Progress

ICF Executive Director, Shireen Chambers FICFor, member of the Independent Panel, welcomed the comments. She said; “The Government still has work to do in implementing the Independent Panel on Forestry’s recommendations. However, this meeting has shown some positive steps forward, in particular the commitment to work more closely with the public for the benefit of UK Woodland Management.”

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