Community Engagement in Public Sector Urban Tree Management

Community Engagement in Public Sector Urban Tree Management

Researchers in the UK are calling on arboriculturists to take part in their survey ‘Community Engagement in Public Sector Urban Tree Management in the UK’.

Christopher Neilan, EATaLOG, Ian McDermott, MTOA and Rupert Bentley-Walls, LTOA are carrying out research to explore current practice and attitudes towards community engagement amongst those engaged in public sector arboriculture and urban forestry in the UK. The results will inform a poster paper for the forthcomnig Trees, People and the Built Environment II conference.

Safeguarding and Enhancing Tree Cover

Chris Neilan said “Mac, Rupert and I have all used community engagement – one aspect of what I’ve also called “Soft Power” – as an integral part of our work. Using Soft Power alongside conventional approaches has allowed me to be more successful in safeguarding and enhancing tree cover than I could have been otherwise.

We think that a lot of good work along these lines goes on across the country, but unrecorded and unheralded. Our survey is designed to find out whether that is the case, and what factors may be influencing whether practitioners do, or don’t engage the public in their work. We are looking forward to sharing the results of our research with those attending Trees, People and the Built Environment II, having the opportunity to show examples of good practice, and contributing to the wider debate.”

The survey is intended for arboriculturists in the UK and Ireland who are managing trees on public land and/or carrying out the tree functions for a Local Planning Authority. It should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

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