ICF Regions

Institute of Chartered Foresters – Regional Groups

ICF supports nine regional groups across the UK which provide regular events for members in their designated areas.

Events cover a wide range of topical issues and important developments in the forestry and arboricultural industry and typically involve seminars, discussion groups and site visits in all regions throughout the UK.

Regional events play an important part in Continuing Professional Development and offer excellent opportunities for keeping up-to-date with new ideas and challenges, networking with fellow professionals, and social interaction with colleagues and peers working in your area.



ICF Regional Group Contacts


North Scotland

Chairman – Dietrich Pannwitz MICFor

Secretary – Gareth Whymant MICFor

South Scotland

Chairman – Neil McKay MICFor

Secretary – Samuel Booth MICFor


North England

Chairman – Dave Atkinson MICFor

Secretary – Andrew Leslie MICFor


Chairman – Robin Truslove MICFor

Secretary –  Matthew Brocklehurst MICFor


East England

Chairman – Andy Coombes FICFor

Secretary – Mark Pritchard FICFor

South East England

Chairman – Martin Gammie MICFor

Secretary – Richard Pearce MICFor


South West England

Chairman – Peter Oliver MICFor

Secretary – David Browning

Wales / Cymru

Chairman / Cadeirydd – Dai Jones MICFor

Secretary / Ysgrifennydd – Michael Cresswell


Northern Ireland

Chairman – Malcolm Beatty FICFor

Secretary – Ben Searle


Matthew Brocklehurst MICFor
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