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Distribution Service

Are you looking for a highly qualified Forester or Arboriculturist to join your organisation?  Our distribution service allows you to advertise your vacancies to the most talented professionals in the sector.

Gain direct access to the mailboxes of over 1500 ICF members.

The only job vacancy service distributed to all Chartered Foresters and Aboriculturists in the UK.

Targeted Advertising

Our knowledge of ICF members means that we can tailor the distribution of your announcement to suit a specific location, career level or professional interest. We can also target every Chartered Forester and Arboriculturist in the UK, gaining maximum targeted exposure for your employment needs.

All vacancies are mailed or e-mailed to individual members, posted in the Members’ Area website and highlighted in the ICF monthly e-news.

Why use us to recruit your staff?

ICF offers you access to a large number of high calibre foresters and arboriculturists to draw from, many of who are active job seekers, including:

  • forest and woodland managers
  • economics and business managers
  • urban and community woodland planners
  • land managers
  • tree specialists
  • researchers
  • educationalists
  • valuers of trees and woodlands for purchase or sale
  • tree surveyors
  • environmental managers
  • investment advisors
  • wood processing

and many more…

Who advertises with ICF?

Woodland management companies (large and small), forestry and tree consultants, contractors, local authorities, government agencies and departments, property firms, third sector organisations, universities, trusts, schools, central government – all of these (and more) advertise through our special Distribution Service to ensure that top professionals in the industry come their way.

Email Cheryl Symon or call 0131 240 1425 for more information or a quotation.

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